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Recipe Testing Tuesdays: Orange Olive Oil Cake

Hello and welcome back for another tried and loved cake recipe. This recipe I found on Food Network U.S. is not only easy and tasty, it's healthy too. Because we use olive oil instead of butter here. What's even more special is the olive oil I used, it's organic extra virgin olive oil straight from Southern Italy, kindly given to me by Ve at The Bay Tree House B&B. Ve's uncle makes this authentic, strong extra virgin olive oil in Italy and post it all the way to her in Edinburgh. Ve sells it at a very reasonable price, you can also bring the old bottle back for a top up to save even more. Just call upThe Bay Tree House B&B and ask for Ve.

This gorgeous cake has a very light and fluffy yet still moist texture.

It only takes a few simple steps to make this cake.

I love the fresh orange pieces on top of the cake. It's not only stunning to look at but also keeps the cake moist for longer.

Look at that texture, so fluffy and light.

Click on the recipe sheet below to download the printable PDF.

Enjoy & keep baking!

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