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Recipe Testing Tuesdays: Coffee Walnut Cupcakes

The thing I like about cupcakes is that they're so versatile. So many different flavours, so many different combinations and so many ways to make them look pretty.

This week's recipe is one I've made many times and it never fails to impress each time. This Coffee Walnut cupcake recipe is from BBC Good Food again (as you can see, I use their recipes a lot, because they're really easy to follow and results are always good).

Coffee Walnut cupcakes

Make sure your butter is really soft and cool the coffee before pour into the bowl.

Making the cupcakes

When the cupcakes are fully baked, a skewer poked in the cakes comes out clean.

Baked cupcakes
Coffee Walnut cupcakes

Here's the downloadable recipe. Just click on the image below to print the PDF file.

Coffee Walnut cupcakes recipe
Coffee Walnut cupcakes

Hope you enjoy this little recipe. Happy baking!

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