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Recipe Testing Tuesdays: Dark Chocolate Ganache

It has been a very busy day today, started 7 in the morning. I had a lot done but that also meant there wasn't any time for writing my blog...

Just when I almost gave up, I remembered that I need some dark chocolate ganache for a cake I'm making tomorrow. So I got this idea to share this quick and easy recipe here.

This is one of Carlos Lischetti's recipe. All you need is 3 ingredients, 4 equipment and 5 simple steps.

Make sure you use good quality dark chocolate.

When you pour hot cream over chocolate, the chocolate will start melting. initially it looks pretty awful, but you need to keep stirring fast, from the centre to the side. Pretty soon you'll see the lumpy mixture transforms to a silky smooth chocolate sauce.

Once the ganache is cooled & mixed well, it should be thick, creamy and shiny.

So here it is, a short and sweet recipe post and I managed to post it before midnight! Yay! Bed time for me finally. Good night!

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