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Recipe Testing Tuesdays: Jaffa Cakes Box Cake

Jaffa Cakes Box Cake

Last week I made a Jaffa Cakes Box cake for a hen do. The bride to be loves Jaffa Cakes and wanted a giant version of it. So I looked around the internet for recipes, there are many recipes online and many different ways to make the orange filling and chocolate coating. I found the orange jelly recipe from BBC Food is very easy to follow but to make the cake into a box, I need a sturdier sponge and a softer icing to shape into a smooth block. So I used the light sponge recipe from my earlier recipe and the dark chocolate ganache recipe from last week.

Making orange jelly

The jelly was pretty to look at and fun to make.

Set jelly in a tray

Set the jelly in the baking tray.

Jaffa Cakes Box Cake recipe
Assemble cake

To assemble the cake just follow the actual Jaffa Cakes: sponge, jelly, chocolate, like building a wall :D

Finished cake, cut open

These photos were sent to me by the customer. I'm so happy how nice and neat the layers looked once it's cut open.

Printed icing on box
Finished cake

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